Register Your Marriage

Government appointed Muhammadan Marriage and Divorce Registrar, West Bengal

Muhammadan Marriage Registrar

West Bengal Government appointed Muhammadan Marriages and Divorces Registrar

  • According to "The Bengal Muhammadan Marriages and Divorces Registration Act, 1876" the "Law Department" appointed the Muhammadan marriage registrar.
  • The marriage certificate which is provided by Muhammadan marriage registrar is only valid and legitimate
  • No other person is authorized to issue a marriage certificate, thus not valid
  • The Muhammadan Marriage Registrar (MMR) appointed to register Muslim marriages in appointed Jurisdiction
  • The Muhammadan marriage registrars reports directly to District Registrar
  • Know the Act

Marriage Registration

According to "The Bengal Muhammadan Marriages and Divorces Registration Act. 1876" the authorized Registrars are responsible for registering Muhammadan marriages and divorces. The muslim marriage certificate could be generated and given by Government authorized Muhammadan Marriage and Divorce Registrars only.

The following should be maintained during registration process going on
  • The Muhammadan bride and groom should be adult (Minimum age 18 for bride and 21 for groom)
  • At least two witnesses should be present
  • Wakil should be present
  • Parents of the bride and bridegroom
Required Documents
  • Bride's and Groom's passport size photo
  • AADHAAR card of both Bride and Groom (OR)
  • VOTER card of both Bride and Groom (OR)
  • Birth Certificate of both Bride and Groom (OR)
  • Any Government issued photo identity card of both Bride and Groom
  • If divorcee, submit divorce certificate
  • If husband is not alive, submit death certificate